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During her 10 years of real estate experience in a cash market, Andrea Zuñiga and her clients from the USA and Canada faced a consistent problem: limited financing options in a cash market.

In 2019, Andrea formed an alliance with Deliver Capital, an expert in loan submissions, with access to over 500+ banks and lenders in the USA along with a professional team of bankers, underwriters, processors, and compliance officers.

Now, home buyers can qualify for the best available loan programs to finally invest in Mexico.


Loans from $25,000-$500,000

Interest rates as low as 5.99%

Approval as soon as 24 hours

“I received the funding that I needed with great terms and much faster than I expected.”

- Stephen B., from Charleston, South Carolina

“With a proper strategy, I obtained the loan needed to purchase a condo in Playa del Carmen.”

- Elena G., from Fontana, California

“When my client’s loan was approved, we could finally get her in her dream home.”

- Juan C., Broker in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Your questions, answered.

What is a personal loan?2020-07-18T05:18:27+00:00

A personal loan is often referred to an unsecured loan because it is not approved based on your existing property or other assets as collateral, like secured loans are.  Instead, a personal is based on your personal credit rating.

The better your credit rating is, the better chances you will have of being approved for more money at a lower interest rate.  Interest rates are typically between 6-8% and loan terms are typically 5 years with the potential of up to 7 years in the most optimal credit-worthy scenarios.


What is the difference between getting a personal loan myself and getting it through Cash In Mexico?2020-07-18T05:20:15+00:00

A personal loan in the United States is typically up to a maximum of $100,000. Working with Cash in Mexico, you can be approved for up to $500,000.

A personal loan in the United States is typically up to a maximum of $100,000. If you have substantial monthly income, good credit, and minimal other debt, then you’ll likely be approved for the maximum loan amount that you apply for.

Our mission is to help clients qualify. Our team of bankers, underwriters, processors and compliance officers provide the best odds of being approved up to $500,000.


Are the personal loans with banks in Mexico?2020-07-18T05:20:37+00:00

No. The personal loans are with banks and/or lenders from the United States.


If I am retired, can I apply for a personal loan?2020-07-18T05:20:51+00:00

Yes! As long as you can provide 2 years proof of income with you annual tax returns you can be approved for a personal loan.


If I am Canadian, can I apply for a personal loan?2020-07-18T05:21:46+00:00

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide personal loans for Canadian citizens but we are able to provide Mortgage Options on properties (already built) with a value of $200,000 USD or more.

Fixed interest rates and terms up to 15 years fully amortized with no prepayment penalties. Interest rates on average, are between 6-11%.


What is the minimum credit score needed to apply?2020-07-18T05:21:07+00:00

You need a minimum FICO score of 660 to apply for a personal loan.


What if my credit score is too low?2020-07-18T05:21:16+00:00

We can offer credit repair through our partner, Deliver Capital.  Credit repair results, can typically be seen between 2-8 weeks.


What will my interest rate be for a personal loan?2020-07-18T05:21:24+00:00

Your interest rate will be dependent on your credit rating (FICO score). On average rates are between 6-8%.


Does your company pay the Developer / Real Estate Agency?2020-07-18T05:21:33+00:00

No. The money is deposited directly into your bank account. It is then up to you to transfer the money to the developer or real estate agency.


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